Leading the way for Indiana grown and processed CBD

Our history

Our story begins over 80 years ago, just after the last legal hemp crop was grown in Indiana. 

Our parent company, Kocolene Development Corporation, was founded in August of 1938 as a fuel retailer. Over the years Kocolene developed a number of other business ventures using their business philosophies such as professionalism, communication, team work, and the Golden Rule.

Kocolene has committed itself again to start a new venture using the same philosophies that have cultivated their success over the last 80 years.

Our future

The future of Indiana hemp is bright! Indiana is known as “The Crossroads of America” and this holds true for hemp. Our state is the convergence of fertile soil, logistics, and most of all, quality people. 

Thrive Well is excited to be a player and leader in this emerging industry.  Our future success is built by working with local experienced farmers, experts in extraction, and industry leaders across the state. 


Our partners

A Leader in Indiana Grown and Processed CBD